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Our environment is growing increasingly louder. With over 40 years of experience we will offer honest and cost-effective suggestions on how to solve your acoustical challenges and help make your world a quieter place. Products range from simple acoustical curtains to recording studios, test facilities, personnel and machine enclosures, architectural products, acoustical doors, windows, interior and exterior barriers as well as commercial & industrial sound traps. As the local representative of Sound Seal and Industrial Acoustics Company we have a full tool box of acoustical products to help with your application.

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Contact us to explain what you are trying to accomplish and learn how are products may apply to your application. We can arrange a site visit to meet and review your situation as well as provide product suggestions, lay-out and design as well as installation services. If you are an architect or consultant please feel to contact us and we will help select products, provide product details, budget pricing and help with specifications.

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Our company was founded in 1962 where we provided a wide range of mechanical and architectural products but our focus today is to offer our experience with acoustical products and applications. We have been directly involved with many projects including studios, custom personnel and machine enclosures, barrier walls, test chambers, curtain and absorption applications as well as duct silencers for commercial and industrial projects. I look forward to offering my support for your acoustical challenges and will do my best to help make your world a quieter place.

Sound Seal

Principal Product Line

Sound Seal is our principal product line and has a variety of products to offer for Industrial, Commercial and Architectural projects. Some of their products include curtains, barriers and absorption products. Other products include Wood Trends wall and ceiling systems, custom graphic panels and acoustical masonry products. Explore Sound Seal's full product line from the Supplier Tab.

Industrial Acoustics Co.

Principal Product Line

IAC is now a division of Sound Seal and continues to offer all of the excellent products they have developed over the last 40+ years. Factory assembled acoustical doors and windows, modular acoustical panel systems for industrial, test, music practice room and studios. Absorptive panels systems and barrier walls, HVAC and Industrial duct silencers. Explore IAC's full product line from the Supplier Tab.